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Safe Water Storage Guidelines

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) Flint Chapter will be distributing Safe Water Storage Guidelines, beginning Friday, February 5, to Flint area water resources centers for the purpose of informing residents that improper storage can lead to floor collapse and the guidelines to prevent this danger.
AIA Flint recommends residents should adhere to the following guidelines when storing water. To prevent floor collapse, cases of water should be stacked no more than 2 cases high in a 2 square foot area. Best place to store water is in the garage or basement on a concrete floor. If residents do not have a garage or basement with concrete floor, water is safest stored against an exterior wall rather than the middle of room.
AIA Flint will be distributing flyers to key water distribution sites in the city of Flint. If residents would like a copy of the flyer, it can be downloaded at www.aiaflint.com. If residents have further questions regarding storage of bottled water, a list of architects who can answer questions is also provided via the AIA Flint membership list also found at www.aiaflint.com.
To download a copy: Safe Water Guide

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